Meet Whitney Joy Smith, the owner of The Smith Investigation Agency a national Private Investigations company that just expanded to Calgary and Edmonton. Whitney operates a team of female and male private investigators throughout Canada in a variety of investigative services including surveillance and investigative research for the insurance industry, legal and corporate sectors as well as to individuals.

When Whitney opened her company she wanted to make a positive difference in an industry typically run by men. Women, of course, are amazing and we make great investigators. We are naturally intuitive, understanding, innovative, compassionate, creative etc. So Whitney quickly excelled as an investigator and the next obvious choice was to open a business. She did so in 2014 at the age of 26 and now at 31 years of age Whitney operates her business throughout Canada in Alberta, Nova Scotia and Ontario.

Whitney’s biggest goal as a woman in the investigative industry was and is to raise the standard of the industry as a whole. Out of the motto of an old boys club to an industry with integrity, and professionalism first and foremost. At The Smith Investigation Agency, we have always stood on the basis that we think different! We are excited to be the new breed of investigative solutions for years to come. Starting with identifying the changes our industry needs, surrounding ourselves with like-minded women and men in business, and setting goals to see success individually as well as with the business and industry. We are very excited with our recent expansion into Calgary and look forward to working with like-minded women in business.

CBWN is a proud supporter of Gems for Gems in its mission to bring an end to the cycle of domestic abuse!



Stuff it Ladies!!

This is 100% voluntary, and you can become involved in as little or as much as you can afford or make time for. Here are some ideas:

  • Donate your new or used purses, backpacks, shaving kits
  • Buy items and stuff your own purse, backpack, shaving kit
  • Purchase items be included (see website for list)
  • Invite your friends & neighbors to participate by hosting a collection night at your home
  • Encourage your Office to get involved & collect items at work
  • Chat with Sports teams, Clubs, Groups, etc to take this on as a Christmas social activity, giving back to the community


The project starts now with collections, and will officially run from November 10 – December 10.  Karen Elliot has agreed to pick up at the November and December luncheons!

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instituteThe Canadian Institute: Womens Leadership
CBWN is involved in partnerships that provide excellence in women’s initiatives.





Haskayne Business School Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovations

CBWN has been asked to be involved with the Haskayne Business School Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovations. Women from our group have agreed to be part of the Business Advisory Group and assist as Industry Experts. We are very excited about this opportunity and future opportunities with Haskayne!




May We Suggest…

Below is a video of a speech that Jim Carrey made to the graduates at Maharishi University, reminding them to take a chance to do what they love!