We are excited to announce our new partnership with Gems for Gems ‘Zero to Hero’ program, CBWN and Enchanted Rose 4U


These inspirational sessions take place once a month in Calgary and move from shelter to shelter. The premise of these events are to show the women how they can be their own ‘Hero’ through learning certain skills from ground ‘Zero’.  Gems for Gems accomplishes this goal by having key areas of personal development, relative to their specific reality, taught from the ground up. For more information, click here

Volunteer coaches help deliver this program.  As a thank you, this partnership will provide bouquets for the special volunteers of this program.  Yes, I want to contribute to the Zero to Hero program:

Donation Level

What will you get in return:

Recognition that you are a valuable contributor to this program via the Gems for Gems, Enchanted Rose 4U and CBWN Facebook page. A card attached to the bouquet referring Zero to Hero coaches to these same FB pages.  Name mention only (not amount)


instituteThe Canadian Institute: Womens Leadership
CBWN is involved in partnerships that provide excellence in women’s initiatives.





Haskayne Business School Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovations

CBWN has been asked to be involved with the Haskayne Business School Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovations. Women from our group have agreed to be part of the Business Advisory Group and assist as Industry Experts. We are very excited about this opportunity and future opportunities with Haskayne!




May We Suggest…

Below is a video of a speech that Jim Carrey made to the graduates at Maharishi University, reminding them to take a chance to do what they love!