Biz Bang ~ An Explosion of Ideas


Saturday, April 21, 2018

Carriage House Inn, Calgary

Registration 9:30 am

Start 10 am

Buffet Lunch


Included:  Morning coffee, Buffet Lunch, speakers, biz bang and a notebook


Cari Frame

Cari Frame is a woman with a wildly checkered past.  No, she didn’t go to prison, but she does have eclectic career experience that includes such varied positions as entrepreneur, engineer technician, executive administrator, crisis line volunteer and (wait for it) firefighter.  Cari has harmonized her broad professional skills and her passionate caring for people into her company Empowered Wellness Coaching.  She is a certified Nutrition Coach and a Co-Active Life Coach who specializes in coaching women who are tired of leaving their own dreams and wellness on a perpetual back-burner.  Cari’s motto is “Whatever it is, you ARE strong enough.”

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back? – Understanding and Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Through story, psychology and humor, Cari will unpack the mechanism of self-sabotage and how to minimize it in your life.  Imagine how much more lasting success, happiness and health you would have if you knew how to stop getting in the way of your own progress!

Charmaine Ironside
Charmaine is passionate about helping women achieve lasting wellness and weight release by helping them heal emotional eating and learn to live with radical self love. After painfully struggling with her own weight and body image for 20 years, Charmaine sought out a solution that didn’t involve quick fix diet promises. She soon realized that her weight had nothing to do with WHAT she was eating and everything to do with WHY she was eating. Charmaine was able to release almost 50 lbs in 8 months and keep it off without dieting so she knew she had to share what she had learned!

With her education as a Kinesiologist, her 10 years working in the Wellness industry and voraciously learning from other experts Charmaine created the Diet Dropout approach to wellness and weight release. With this approach, women all over the world are finding freedom from diets, peace around food, lasting weight release and a love for their bodies. She also owns two thriving Fitness and Wellness studios in SW and NW Calgary where she and her staff spread the message that exercise can and needs to be fun.

Charmaine is excited to speak at Biz Bang and share how she finally released her weight without dieting and how you can do the same. You can be sure that the increased confidence and energy you will have once you achieve a healthier body will translate into your business too!

Cheryl Dyck

Cheryl Dyck knows business.  She has over 30 years of experience in Funding and Cash Management, Marketing, Operations, Management, Strategic Planning, Team Development, Security & Forensics, Training, Quality & Process Improvements, Commercial Property Management, Energy Sectors, and Information & Technology.


She knows first-hand what it takes to start and run a successful business and has helped lead businesses from chaos to efficient and profitable enterprises.  Customers obtain annual growth between 40% and 300% when Cheryl partners with them to get results.  She teaches the business owners how to master life and personal development, leading to greater business success. She knows the importance of work life balance and cherishes her personal time with her family — her soul mate, husband and best friend for 30+ years, Stan, and her 2 beautiful children – Chelsea and Jarrod.  She knows mastering a positive and healthy personal and family life supports her personal and business success.  These skills and secrets she teaches to others from the stage, in workshops, in leadership and coaching.

Her Motto – Master your Inner CEO and achieve Life and Business Success

Do I Need Funding to Grow My Business?

You ask, what is funding?  Funding is CASH!  Money that you can get to help you grow your business, buy equipment, expand your team or add operating cash to support projects and cash gaps.  But most don’t know what the options are, what they need to do to get funding and most importantly the information that you need to get together before you start the fund seeking process.  Whether you need $10,000 to clear some expenses or $20M to grow the business we can help you acquire the funds to get there.


Jen Garrison

“Selling without Sleaze”

Have you ever gotten hung up on business growth because you don’t want to become “That sleazy sales woman”! Have you ever been stuck wondering how to do things differently? How do I follow up without being too pushy? How do I ask for the sale without being aggressive? These are things I think Women face more strongly because we care about how others think and feel about us. There are beautiful ways to offer/sell what you do, that make people feel comfortable and appreciated in their client experience. But most women don’t know how to do it, or have never been taught! This is about learning the system to move someone through the sales process without becoming “that sales guy”. Its about creating the client experience you want for your audience! Its most importantly about creating confidence in yourself as a powerful woman of worth, that can sell what she is passionate about! WITHOUT THE SLEAZE!
Jen Garrison has been an Alberta small business owner for the last 10+ years. As a wife and mother of 2 children (7&9yrs), She is passionate about helping Women in business around her, while giving back to the small business community. Jen has trained on many topics such as sales, communication, business, healing trauma/emotional processing, creating a breakthrough, relationships and more. Her versatile background is demonstrated through her success actively building 3 businesses locally in Construction, Business Building/Consulting, and Direct Sales.

Melody Chardon

Melody Chardon is a leader of conscious communication and healing in Calgary. She works with women who recognize the old way of “doing” life and business isn’t working for them anymore. She supports women to face what’s been holding them back from sharing their purpose and passion in a way that feels true for them.

Melody is naturally drawn to work with women who are hungry to learn more about themselves and how to align their business to be a truer expression of who they are. She works with a conscious community of like-minded women who want to be supported as they learn, heal and grow without judgment and competition.

At Biz Bang Melody will share powerful strategies that you can use right away.  She will share new ways to love yourself and take care of yourself beyond what you think is possible in your current business paradigm.  You will walk away with more confidence and clarity in your business purpose and more love in your heart.

 Nicki Chang Powless

“How to position your product or service for success!”

Nicki Chang-Powless is an expert at helping the overwhelmed business owners get clarity and direction.  She has developed a well-defined process that has resulted in many business owners getting their AHA! moment and giving them the confidence to move forward.
In 2015, Nicki was looking for a change in her life and began to explore the world of entrepreneurship.  She quickly realized that the fundamental skills she had acquired over 23 years in business was not common knowledge among the start-ups.  When she saw that the rate of businesses failing before 5 years was very high, she wanted to create a program to help business owners get a fighting chance at success.

Nicki found there were many business education programs offered in the industry.  The problem was people left with the theory and were lost when it came to directly apply it to their own business. They wrote business plans without validation or feedback on whether their plans would take them on the quickest path to success.  It is important to get unbiased opinions.

A large part of the success of Nicki’s programs is they are based on NetCP:  Network – Collaborate – Profit with heavy emphasis on collaboration.  We all bring our own special skills and experiences to the table.  Nicki is experienced in sales, marketing, operations and management which gives people a 360-degree view of their business.

Nicki’s programs focus on the following areas:

  • Creating an engaging marketing message to get you and your company noticed
  • Creating a compelling product for your target audience
  • Building a business foundation that will help you grow and be profitable

Registration 9 am

Start 10 am

Buffet Lunch


Included:  Morning coffee, Buffet Lunch, speakers, biz bang and a notebook

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