Lydija Dahl, Trilogy Accounting Solutions

Lydija Dahl, Trilogy Accounting Solutions
Lydija Dahl, Trilogy Accounting Solutions

Lydija Dahl partners with you in business.  She has over 30 years of experience in accounting, bookkeeping, operations, management, information technology, process improvements and management reporting and has experience in a variety of sectors and industries.

Lydija holds a master’s in business management and holds a variety of designations including IT and Internal Audit.  Lydija also holds several accounting system designations.

Consulting History

Lydija has been helping small business owners simplify their accounting experience for over 20 years.  Lydija started out with owner managed businesses, moved to large companies and decided to move back to her roots, bringing the knowledge she gained over the years.

Lydija has worked in a number of industries and with a number of companies.  At the international accounting firms, Lydija worked with large international companies – including Bridgestone Firestone, Harris Corp, Jacuzzi, Bacardi, Shriner’s Children’s Hospital and more.  While working in Canada, Lydija has worked with the Auditor General’s Office of BC and Alberta a number of Oil and Gas companies as well as PALS, United Way and other small charities in Alberta.  Lydija has also spent time assisting and partnering with solopreneurs and small business owners in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo, bringing her big business experience and exposure to help the small business owner achieve their objectives more effectively and efficiently.



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