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Debbie Van Camp, Owner/Director CBWN

For over 16 years, Debbie Van Camp was the Regional Manager of The Rainbow Society of Alberta.  Also, co-director and owner of CBWN, Debbie loves every month when she can network with these professional and lovely ladies. “Coming to a CBWN meeting always brightens my day and my month.”

The common thread is helping people!





Nicki Chang-Powless, NCP Consulting Services

Nicki Chang-Powless and her team of business strategists help overwhelmed business owners get clarity, direction and results.  There is so much information out there about how to be successful with your business, the Kickstart Program shows how you can directly apply it to your business.  These road maps will accelerate your results. 

Nicki’s specialty is being able to take a holistic view of your business.  She combines her 23 years from the corporate business world where she applies her hands-on experience in strategic selling, marketing, operations and senior management.  She exclusively works with small businesses and startups.  Her goal for NCP Consulting is to improve the number of companies that succeed in the first 5 years!

Nicki is the recipient of Best New Business Venture 2018 at the SuPEARLative Awards, nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year at the Business from the Heart Convention in 2018 and is an Amazon Best-Seller with “Your Survival Guide to the First Five Years in Business”.  She found the information on how to start a business was scattered, so in 2018 she put it all into a single book!

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