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Bonnie Gray, CFTO

Cheryl Dyck, MSI Action Group, an ActionCOACH Partner

Cheryl Dyck knows business. She has over 27 years of experience in Marketing, Operations, Management, Security and Forensics, Training, Quality & Process Improvements, Commercial Property Management, Energy Sectors, and Information & Technology.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce with a Minor in Computer Science and an MBA in Business Process Engineering and IT. Cheryl is also designated in ISP /ITCP from the Canadian Information Processing Society, demonstrating her achievement, commitment, ethics and professionalism. Her education and diverse skillsets prepare her well to be your business coach.

Consulting History

Cheryl has worked with a non-profit association as an IT Director, creating improvement techniques saving from 25-40% and developed IT systems and processes that allowed for optimized business activities. She developed her management style working with IT teams of 5-20 people in multiple locations, where teamwork, commitment and motivation were paramount. Her improvements to IT structures, training, website & support, planning and restructuring have resulted in improved efficiencies. She has also successfully led 5-50 person teams on projects valued at $50,000 to $2 Million on time and in budget.

Her team building and professional development programs have been adopted and integrated into businesses for staff, mentoring and training programs. Through her mentoring, Cheryl has helped increase client productivity and developed the techniques to build a team that can ‘do what it takes’.

Cheryl’s organizational improvements; such as integrating data systems with websites and video conferencing techniques, have improved Information accuracy by 60% and reduced traditional operating expenses by 25% – 40%. Her organization–wide business processes and re-engineering techniques have both supported her clients’ strategies and goals, and built more connected, streamlined and team focused businesses.



Debbie Van Camp, Owner/Director CBWN

For over 16 years, Debbie Van Camp was the Regional Manager of The Rainbow Society of Alberta.  Also, co-director and owner of CBWN, Debbie loves every month when she can network with these professional and lovely ladies. “Coming to a CBWN meeting always brightens my day and my month.”

The common thread is helping people!





Ilona Makar, Owner/Director CBWN

Welcome to the Calgary Business Women Network!

As I began my tenure as a proud new Calgary Chapter Director back in 2009, I found myself excited by the possibilities that lay ahead for my networking group and our members!  Continuing now as your Co-Director and Co-Owner, it truly has been and continues to be a pleasure and my passion to be linked with such powerful group of like-minded women!

I am a proud native Calgarian, born, raised, and educated in this great city.  My employment experiences range from working as a legal assistant, managing retail clothing stores, successfully running my own clothing businesses for a decade, Business Development Manager for a local software company and now an exciting job with BrandAlliance as a Promotional Marketing Account Manager.  Over the past decade, I have been managing, mentoring, training and motivating teams of women to success in their business.  Consistently running successful businesses for years have helped me build incredible business relationships and a large network of business associates.

Public speaking is a fear for many but something I love to do!  My parents, who I owe a debt of gratitude to, enrolled me in the art of public speaking very early in grade school and I continued with it through into adulthood, including a time with Optimists International.  I love to see women excel through and conquer this very natural fear within our group; seeing that, with the encouragement of the nurturing group of CBWN women – they too can do it and be a successful spotlight speaker within our group.

After attending my first networking meeting in 2009, I was hooked and became excited by the possibilities that this organization could hold for my business, for the networking opportunities that it could foster and the vast number of women who I could assist with their business by introducing them to CBWN!  I truly believe in the philosophy behind CBWN and the potential it has to make a difference in our professional and personal lives.

Dream big and it will come – this is my vision!  Our members are the driving force behind the success of this organization and together with my passion for CBWN and the united force of this dynamic Calgary group, our network has been growing consistently every year!  Our members benefit from this growth and we are looking for more like-minded business women to join us!

I know that when you attend one of our meetings, you will come away a renewed enthusiasm for your business and some solid contacts to move it forward.  Looking forward to networking with you in the near future!  Come and check us out!



Lydija Dahl, Trilogy Accounting Solutions

Lydija Dahl partners with you in business.  She has over 30 years of experience in accounting, bookkeeping, operations, management, information technology, process improvements and management reporting and has experience in a variety of sectors and industries.

Lydija holds a master’s in business management and holds a variety of designations including IT and Internal Audit.  Lydija also holds several accounting system designations.

Consulting History

Lydija has been helping small business owners simplify their accounting experience for over 20 years.  Lydija started out with owner managed businesses, moved to large companies and decided to move back to her roots, bringing the knowledge she gained over the years.

Lydija has worked in a number of industries and with a number of companies.  At the international accounting firms, Lydija worked with large international companies – including Bridgestone Firestone, Harris Corp, Jacuzzi, Bacardi, Shriner’s Children’s Hospital and more.  While working in Canada, Lydija has worked with the Auditor General’s Office of BC and Alberta a number of Oil and Gas companies as well as PALS, United Way and other small charities in Alberta.  Lydija has also spent time assisting and partnering with solopreneurs and small business owners in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo, bringing her big business experience and exposure to help the small business owner achieve their objectives more effectively and efficiently.