Welcome to Elisabeth Fayt and her team at RnR Wellness as our newest partner. 


Elisabeth is the Founder and Co-Owner of RnRWellness, a modern lifestyle brand with full-service luxury spas, an online educational community and a shopping hub dedicated to helping people feel good: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


A Reiki Master, Reflexologist and Holistic Healer, Fayt has invested over two decades studying with the Masters of India and global business leaders. A voracious teacher of the Laws of the Universe, she has inspired thousands in person, on film, television, radio and online. Her book “Paving it Forward” quickly topped the Amazon & Calgary Best Seller charts along with the release of the hit movie THE OPUS (follow-up film to THE SECRET) in which she was a featured speaker.


Elisabeth’s powerful message is available to all, through her book, CD’s and Audio Mentorship Program: a system designed to teach the power of intention, using the concept of what she calls “Pre-Paving”. Her program gives people not only tangible tools, but also the inner confidence they need to make a positive change in their lives. Her energy is contagious, as she believes, “The best thing you can do for someone is teach them how to change their thoughts. Then they can create happiness for themselves, at will, regardless of any circumstance or environment”.

Treat yourself to some RnR  —  

Two spa’s in Calgary — the historic Palliser Hotel or St. Germain…downtown Calgary


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