Warm, welcoming, encouraging & supportive women!

Many people, ideas, gifts, things for me personally & for my business…the list goes on! You can be as involved as you want, and I love meeting new people each month and to learning something new!

Rather than talk about one person or idea, I put together my version of the A-Z of CBWN!

Here are ways for you to Learn. Connect. Inspire!

A – Authors – there are a few around this room! Check out some of the amazing books they have written
B – BrandAlliance – order what you want & put your logo on it! Really. Anything! They are creative
C – Candles – my house has never smelled so great! Also gift ideas
D – Décor for your home – my house has never looked so pretty
E – Events – over & above these CBWN meetings, there are other functions planned: speakers, training, sip & paint, business tips, leadership coaching, social media tips, Frockalicious, etc
F – Fashion tips – clothes, scarves, hats, how to wear what
G – Green – lots of ideas for green ways to do things, Norwex, computer recycling (ERA – Jessica)
H – Health & Wellness – yoga, fitness studios, reiki, craniosacial, holistic living, Juice Plus, tons of ideas for a healthier you; even healthy dog food (tailblazers)!
I –Insurance & Investments- financial planning, mortgage info, banking, planning for retirement, tax support, legal advice
J – Jewellery – great gift ideas, stocking stuffers, or to add to your outfit
K – Keynote speakers on various topics – each month you can learn something new from someone in our own group
L – Loyalty Program – sign up for the benefits of this program
M – Make up – tips, gifts, how to wear the new colors of the season
N – Numerology – fascinating way of learning more about yourself
O – Oils – who knew that oils have so many purposes –calming, stimulating, etc, and the wonderful smells?!
P – Personality & relationship management/coaching. OH, and the PURPLE CLIPBOARD!!!
Q – QEII – Edmonton here we come! We are expanding to the north, tell everyone
R – Realtors, of course!
S –Skin – how to take care of it, wrinkle erasers, creams for everything!, wrap your body to lose inches
T – Travel – Travel agents are still available even in this day of technology, with great tips! Babes in Bali too!
U – Unique women – fascinated that everyone has a story, everyone has a passion, take the time to find out who is sitting next to you, you might be pleasantly surprised
V – Volunteer – Sell 50-50 tickets, sit at registration, give a testimonial, offer a door prize…get involved!
W – Website – its pleasing to the eye, easy to use, a resource to find someone within our group that can help you with your need, Facebook page is awesome too! & follow on Twitter!
X – X marks the spot: this is where you need to be each month (or the evening function) for growth, development & support…and lots of fun & laughs
Y – YOU! You are what makes this group – attending, committing to helping CBWN grow by referring other ladies
Z – Zee End. Cuz I am over my time limit now!

Karen Elliot