I am a Loyalty Member with CBWN so when they brought it in Group Insurance, I had to take a look at it. I am the type of person who is all in with anything I participate in, so was curious what it could do for me. After receiving a quote that saved our family over $400 per year on our vehicle and home insurance, I switched immediately! Paying for the Loyalty Program is well worth it just for the Insurance savings alone! If you are going to come to CBWN, there really is no reason not to be a Loyalty Member!!

Many of you know Mary Kay because of the Pink Cadillac; well did you know that there are 3 other levels of vehicles you can earn? I’m very excited because my unit and I have just finished earning our 7th Career Car, which is being built and will arrive in a couple months. Yeah!!

This is an amazing group of women who really help support each other’s goals, so for those that are new, keep coming and in 2 years, you can help me earn my next car!

Tracey Walls
Mary Kay Independent Sales Director