Thank you does not even come close to my feelings of gratitude to all of you. Ilona came to me today at work and told me about your generous CBWN donation to me and my family and how she had told you about our unfortunate luck this past holiday season with the break in of our home.

She showed me the picture she took of all of you at your meeting waving and how you all decided to donate to my children and I, to help get us through this tough time. As well as the lovely jewelry sets given to me by Janice Liski-Skinner of Lia Sophia.  You cannot image how much this will help my children and I, and how thankful we are for people like all of you, that unselfishly help a single mother and her children without even knowing them.

Not to mention that I had to clean up my makeup after Ilona had told me all of this – lol!  I have the picture hanging at my desk and it will stay there, to remind me of the wonderful thing you have done for my children and I, we will never forget it and we will definitely pay it forward.

Thank you CBWN!
Tonya and Family